@Home: 10 Great Housewarming Gifts For New Homeowners


Moving into a new home is a tedious task, so new homeowners would least likely remember to get certain items for their home.

Since home-ownership for most, is a fresh start and a new experience, it’s a great idea to improve their experience by giving a great housewarming gift, especially the ones they would most likely forget to get.

Here are ten of our top ‘go-to’ housewarming gifts for new homeowners:

1. Kitchen appliances

A blender or a toaster would be an excellent gift for new homeowners so that they get the opportunity to get rid of the old appliances and start their kitchen anew. Out with the old, in with the new! Just like their home.


2. Kitchenware


New utensils or a new pot set is a fun gift because these gifts can never be underappreciated…unless they never use the kitchen. But the new owners will always appreciate these gifts, whether it be for hosting guests with fancy cutlery, serving hot coffee in a beautiful mug, or getting a perfect fried egg using a non-stick pot. A kitchen cannot function without these items, so you’re bound to please with these.

3. Plants


A plant makes a beautiful decor for a home – the living room, dining room, bedroom or even the kitchen. It’s a satisfying gift as it adds pizzazz to any corner, table or entrance, while also creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

4. Photo frame

A photo frame is a creative decor to place around the house. Whether it’s small enough to go on a nightstand in the bedroom or large enough to be on the wall in the living room, new homeowners love seeing their photos and memories displayed around their home. It makes it even cooler when guests ask about the picture, and homeowners get to share the experience or story with them.

5. A bottle of wine


A new home calls for a celebration, and there is no better way to celebrate than with some fine wine. Raise your glasses to new beginnings!

6. Welcome rug/doormat

New homeowners may not remember to get one of these classic home decor items, so this is a smart gift to get them because it’s unique – plus they’ll always remember your gift once they come home.

7. A painting


Paintings are fantastic for hanging on the walls in new homes. Often, walls are blank for months before homeowners add personal touches to them, so giving them a piece of wall decoration to brighten up their space is a great idea. Plus, if you are sure to get a painting that highlights things the owners are interested in, this will be a perfect gift.

8. Towel set

Whether for the kitchen or the bathroom, towel sets make great gifts for new homeowners as they really are home essentials. Fresh towels help to beautify the bathroom or kitchen, adding a finishing touch to the room, while also being functional too. Talk about a two-in-one present!


9. Key holder


Keys are the hardest things to find when you’re on the move. Help out your new homeowners by getting them a stylish key holder/rack. You could even make one from scratch!


10. Scented candles


That new house smell can be hard to get rid of for a while. No one really wants their home to smell of paint, grout and wood shavings. Here’s an awesome way to help out your friends. Get them some scented candles. These also set a relaxing mood, which will help to reduce the stress from actually moving into the home. Plus, they’re good to use when hosting parties or dinners, like the housewarming the new homeowners will be planning soon because it helps to freshen the air and set a light mood in a room.


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