#Jamaica: 15 Fun Facts About Jamaicans


We all know that Jamaicans are famous around the world for their dialect, their culture, and their respect for family life, but what are some interesting facts about Jamaicans from Jamaicans? Here are a few:

1. Whenever a pilot has a plane full of Jamaicans or even just a few, he is guaranteed to be applauded after he lands the plane safely on the tarmac.

2. Jamaicans answer a question with another question: “You know you left the door open?” “I left the door open?”

3. Jamaicans are resilient. No matter how bad a situation is or how high the flood waters are, Jamaicans can make it a fun time and a time of laughter for all.

4. Sundays for Jamaicans are reserved for worship and fried chicken with rice and peas.

5. Jamaicans have a party for every day of the week. Mojito Mondays, Boasy Tuesdays, Weddie Weddie Wednesdays, Whopping Thursdays, MVP Fridays, Saturday Night Party, Wet Sundaze.

6. Jamaicans always repeat for emphasis. “She pretty pretty.” “Mi well well hungry.” “She very very tall.”


7. When going out with a Jamaican, just know that they are always ‘on their way’, because they are guaranteed to tell you, “Mi soon come.”


8. Saturdays are reserved for “drinking” soup, no matter how hot the day is.


9. Every pain felt is…gas. “Just drink likkle tea.”

10. Jamaicans have a tendency to end their sentences with “man”. “Yeah man.” “Mi good man.” “You look nice man.”

11. For Jamaicans, public passenger vehicles always have space, “Juss small up yuhself.”

12. Jamaicans are inclined to not like you simply because, well… their “spirit nuh tek yuh.”

13. Jamaicans are very patriotic and will do anything to rep for the black, green and gold. Sometimes that even means dressing in full Jamaican colours and banging pot covers at sporting events, just to ensure everyone else knows they rep Jamaica.

14. It is universally known that Jamaicans love eating fried chicken with curry gravy…even if you don’t like it, you know another Jamaican who does.


15. Jamaicans are very creative. We can “tek we hand make fashion” for almost any situation.