@Home: 3 Technologies That Save Energy in Your Home


Making your home more energy efficient can only mean one thing: more money in your pocket. From controlling your lights at home through a mobile app to investing in smart appliances that cut down on energy use and costs, there’s an array of high-tech options on the market that you can use to make your home more sustainable. 

Power Timers and Monitors 


Several monitoring devices that can give you real-time feedback on how much energy your home uses as well as the times when your energy costs are lowest. Therefore, being aware of the optimal times to run your electrical appliances can save you a bundle. 


You can even set power timers to run large appliances like water heaters and central air conditioners at optimal times, and have them automatically switched off at down times to avoid wasting energy.


Solar-Powered Products


You don’t have to invest in a large solar panel to start accumulating energy from the sun. Baby steps; beginning with a few well-designed solar lights for your patio, porch, or other outdoor areas is a great start!

But, if you’re ready to invest in something bigger, the good news is that doing so will likely save you much money in the long run. Experts say that solar power costs can be 20-30 per cent lower than your standard utilities. Of course, the initial installation is a little pricey, but the savings in the future are insurmountable. Call around to see where has excellent deals and start saving money today.


Want to Save More Energy? There’s an App for that.


Apart from taking photos, scrolling on Instagram and playing games, you can use your smartphone to download apps that bring energy efficiency right at your fingertips. Here’s how:


• Meter Readings- This app is quite simple – All you have to do is enter in the information from your utility meters, and the app will do the rest for you – that’s all! It will provide you with graphs and real data to help you monitor usage, costs, and even savings.

• Energy Cost Calculator – You might believe that leaving your TV on overnight on standby isn’t a big deal or maybe that you leaving the bathroom light on while you go to find your toothbrush isn’t costing you money – but it is! This app will show you how all these seemingly little things add up over the course of days, weeks, months, and even years.


We have barley scratched the surface with these. There are so many other tools and technologies you can use to save energy in your home.

Is there a tool or technology that you use? Share them with us below!