Ho, Ho, Home: 7 Easy DIY Holiday Décor Ideas For Your Home


It’s that time of year again when you break out your ornaments and make it a very merry affair. As early as October, we’ve seen holiday decorations slowly being hung everywhere we turn. Before you go crazy, shopping for every decorative item under the sun trying to show off your holiday spirit, perhaps you can consider creating some on your own. Since the season is all about family and spending quality time together, you can use D-I-Y projects as an opportunity to bond. Here are some easy to do and inexpensive ideas to create with your loved ones:

1. Glass Centre Piece:

Re-purpose old ornaments by putting them in an apothecary glass jar and cover with a minimalist or fancy plate (depending on your taste) to create a glamorous centrepiece. These will complement your living space, dining area or kitchen well. With three simple items, you can capture the holiday spirit effortlessly.

2. Wreath Hanging:

Deck the halls, a room or your front door with a wreath. There are many different types of wreaths you can make from evergreen branches with pine cones to glitzy ornament finishes. These tutorials allow you to combine the two: Tutorial 1 or Tutorial 2

3. Candle Displays:

Invite the holiday warmth into your home with a few candles. White medium sized candles are staples around the holidays and can be dressed up to make for a stylish coffee table or dining table centrepiece. Of course, you can go bold with red, glitter, gold or striped candles, with a variation in height and sizes. For an elegant, no-fuss, option you can try this tutorial

4. Candy Jars:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so naturally, it should be a sweet celebration. Glass candy jars filled with peppermint treats, candy canes and green and red coloured chocolate add a fun and festive touch to a room. They’re pleasing to the eye and even tastier for your tummies! 

5. Fancy Table Setting:


Hosting holiday dinners can be a lot of pressure. Usually, you’re so focused on the menu; the table décor is often an afterthought. This year, you can make it a little more special by table-scaping. Choose a theme, for example, candy canes or reindeer or try a colour combination and tap into your creative genius. This all-white theme is a classic set up that you can remix to make your own. Click here. 

6. Vase Arrangement:


A holiday arrangement is the easiest way to transform a room into a wonderland especially when you use red accents. Second, to a having an actually decorated evergreen, these are a sure way to liven up any space. The bigger, the better but of course, it is all up to you. 

7. Chair Decor:

Based on your table arrangement you can make your chairs a festive feature in your dining room. For an easy add-on, a simple red bow paired with holiday trimmings can spruce up your chairs to reflect the holiday spirit. Mini wreaths also make a cool hanging accent as well. 

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