@Home: 7 Ways To Refresh Your Kids’ Rooms


It is no surprise that children get bored easily and fast! The best way to keep your child oohing and awing over their room is to make it a space they can call their own. Bright colours, functional storage and their personal touch, can turn any dull room into your child’s hideaway and paradise.


Here are seven tips to help you refresh your child’s space in one day:


• First, the most effective way of updating your child’s room is to move the furniture around and help them tidy it up, giving it an instant face-lift. 

• Add handmade touches, like using old toys to decorate a lamp stand or using old socks to make puppets they can hang on their walls. 


• Allow the child to have a say in what design choices they want you to make. Of course, you don’t want to paint the whole room hot pink with glitter everywhere, but you can have a compromise, so they get a space that feels like their own while still sticking to the elegant theme of your home. Allow your child to express themselves. Whether they want a beach themed sheet set or Disney Princess themed walls, be accommodating. A child will be more inclined to stay in their own room if it speaks to them personally. Putting up wallpaper, stickers, new curtains or changing the sheet set won’t even take more than a few hours! 

• Add art and artistic elements to their little getaway. Hanging pictures of them as a baby, or images of cute puppies or cartoon characters can make the room come alive to any child, and if they’re a little more mature, you can consider hanging a whiteboard or chalkboard so they can express themselves in their way. If your child has art pieces, find creative ways of displaying their work in the room. 


• Please help your child understand the importance of being organised, by providing adequate storage in their space. Create a tidy closet for your toddler or child with labelled storage bins and baskets. You can group clothes by colour, or separate at-home and ‘going-out’ clothes so they can easily access outfits. A dresser for storing foldable clothes and underwear is always a good asset. 

• Invest in some space saving furniture, like a fold down futon that can double as a couch or a bed for guests. Alternatively, get a bunk bed for a room with two children, allowing them to have more floor space. Some people opt to get beds on platforms, so there is space under the bed for a work-space or play area. 


• Add a work-space for your child so that your dining table doesn’t get covered with crayon, paper and pencil shavings. Consider a Murphy table that can fold down from the wall, and that can double as a chalkboard when it is up or a space to hang the folding chair that matches it. These desks take only a few hours to install and are excellent space savers, plus they’re pretty cool too!