#Jamaica: 8 Reasons You Need To Move To Jamaica!


The famous saying goes “Nuh weh nuh betta dan yaad”, and there are several reasons you should consider either moving back home or making Jam Rock your next destination. 


Jamaica has a soul, filled with cultures and nuances that are hard to find anywhere else in the world even if we have our challenges. Living abroad? Here are some reasons to come back home!

1. The Diversity



Made up of 14 parishes, Jamaica has several different personalities that are sure to delight every lifestyle and family dynamic. Not only is the terrain diverse but the cultural composition of the island has presented itself as a major selling point, a fully integrated society Jamaica’s motto is “Out of Many, One People”.



Diverse Locations + Diverse People = An Island with TONS of Character and Culture!



Many areas are now experiencing public unrest over social relations especially concerning issues such as race and religion; Jamaica boasts a culture of mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence. Many rights and freedoms are protected in Jamaica.

2. The Weather


Jamaica has a pretty consistent WARM weather pattern, with its tropical location you will never need a winter jacket ever again. Spend less on clothing, more time outside and with all the year round consistent sunshine you’ll stock up on Vitamin D, which can prevent depression.



Temperatures in Jamaica range from 22 to 33 degrees Celcius, with the wettest months in May and October. Winters in Jamaica are pretty balmy, with mild temperatures.

3. Family & Friends


If you or your family previously resided in Jamaica, there’s never been a better time to make plans to move home. Never underestimate the value of an excellent support system. Friends become like family when you are surrounded by the warmth of Jamaican people.

4. Food


Jamaicans do it better.

5. Natural Resources


The Land of Wood and Water, Jamaica has several natural resources that make it one of the most visited destinations in the world. If you love the beach, rivers, and swimming, Jamaica has it all. If you’re a nature lover, Jamaica’s composition of flora, fauna, as well as its mountainous ranges and breathtaking geographical features will thrill you every single day.

6. A Sense of Community


Island living provides a sense of community. It’s nice knowing some of your neighbours and experiencing the comraderies and feeling of belonging here in Jamaica. We rally around each other during sporting seasons such as track and field or musical events. You can become an active part of Team Jamaica, get involved in volunteerism and community efforts for upliftment!

7. Recreation


Great weather, great people, and excellent food. Jamaica also has something for everybody’s interests. Go cycling, climbing, swimming, dancing, enjoy Motorsports, get involved in local clubs and societies. The weather is great all the time, you’ll never have to worry about extreme (or cold) weather conditions interrupting your outdoor sports ever again!

8. Jamaica’s a great place to Live, Work and Raise Your Family


Emerging economies have many opportunities just waiting to be capitalised on, with many industries on the rise, now is the time to begin investing in Jamaica. Begin with looking at your future home today.