Make It Home: Am I Ready To Buy A House? 4 Questions To Ask Yourself.


Some moments are monumental in a person’s life. The first day of school, the day they fall in love, or even the day they get their first car. All those sound amazing, but honestly, there’s one day that will always eclipse these – the day they buy a house.


Everyone has their dream of owning a home. So how do you make the dream, a reality? Here are four questions to ask yourself before you can be a homeowner:

1. Am I financially stable? 


We all know that owning a house costs a pretty penny. There are many expenses to consider, from the down payment, all the way to the furnishings. Not to mention the additional costs that come with the day-to-day running of a house. A leaking pipe always happens to arrive at the worst possible moment, especially for your bank account. That’s why it’s not a decision to be made casually. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and find yourself unable to save consistently, you might not be ready to buy a house.

2. Have I done my homework? 


There’s a reason being a homemaker is considered as a full-time job. Managing a house well is not something you can master without doing the proper research. Aside from the financial requirements, you want to learn all you can about what keeps those four walls from coming down. So, if you don’t know anything about a breaker box, a leaking pipe or a stopped up drain, read all about it. Sure, you can always call the electrician when things go wrong, but it’s still better to know the essential details about being a homeowner before you become one.

3. Am I settled? 


Buying a home isn’t always a lifelong commitment, but it is a long term one. It’s just too great of an undertaking to take lightly. To put it plainly, you don’t want to purchase the home of your dreams, only to leave it behind in a few months. Let’s say you buy your house in April. You’ve moved in and unpacked the last box. Then, you get offered the job of your dreams at a company that’s 4 hours away from your house or even abroad. In that case, you’ll now have to leave your home to live somewhere else. So, make sure you have enough to keep you satisfied where you are before you put down your homeowner roots.

4. Do I know what I want? 


Many people think buying a house is unlike anything else. That’s not to say they believe it’s an amazing one of a kind experience (which it is), but they seem to ignore the fact that buying a house is much like buying anything else. You have to know what it is you want.


When you order pizza, do you tell the restaurant that you’ll take anything on it? No. You tell them exactly what you want because that’s your preference. If you put that much care into pizza, why shouldn’t you do the same for the place you’re going to live? If you’re unsure about what features you want for your house (a backyard, a view, a big veranda), then you should take some time to consider it seriously. No one wants to be walking around their house one day thinking “I really wish I had a backyard.”

Buying a house is a serious decision that requires much contemplation. It’s not something to rush into just because you’re excited about the idea. Answering all these questions should help you figure out if you’re ready to own your own home. Money is one thing, but being able to pay for a house doesn’t mean much if you’re unhappy with where you live, don’t know anything about being a homeowner, or don’t have any idea what you want out of your home. 


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