@Home: How To Create An Awesome Work Space At Home


Whether you work from home or have after-work duties, an awesome home office is great. Here are four steps to creating your own home office: 

Choose a convenient space


Designating a room for an office would be most convenient,  but you can’t get a whole room for yourself, then you can share space in another room, maybe a study, dining room or guest room.  


Get a spacious desk and comfortable chair

You want to be sure to get a desk that can fit all that you’ll need to put on it like books, stationery holders and your computer. Storage is also necessary, so a desk with a few drawers or a small cupboard works great too. Plus, if you’re able to, get a laptop stand that allows you to sit upright when using the computer.  Speaking of sitting, make sure to get a chair that’s comfortable enough for you to do work without getting a backache, but that isn’t so cloud soft that you’ll fall asleep.



A great way to ensure adequate lighting is to set up your office by a window. But of course, it’s essential to have a bright bulb for working at nights, whether a roof light, chandelier or lamp.

Decorate the space 


This is the best part of creating your home office. You can choose to decorate your space however you wish. You can personalise your office by adding pictures or paintings, sticking motivational quotes on the wall, adding a beautiful rug or any other design features you would like. 

Get to work! Do you have any more tips for creating an awesome office at home? We’d love if you would shared them with us below!