From The Rooftop: WIHCON Supports The Harbour View Primary School To Facilitate The Resumption of Face-to-Face Learning.

By The Jamaica Observer

WEST Indies Home Contractors (WIHCON) Limited recently assisted Harbour View Primary School with establishing a sick bay and isolation room in order for the school to meet the requirements of the ministries of health and education for the safe resumption of face-to-face classes in the new school term to start January 2022.


WIHCON also provided the school with a well-needed facelift to the exterior of the entrance.

According to WIHCON’s General Manager, Business Development and Innovation, Tanisha Davis, “The school and the community at large hold a very special place in the company’s heart and history. We have been building communities for over 62 years and have had as one of our legacies, the development of the community.”

WIHCON was the developer for the school and the community in the 1960s and is the location for the company’s head offices today.

“As an organisation that thinks about the whole community, it was our pleasure to support this initiative to create a safe space and overall welcoming environment for the continued education of our children, many of whom have been displaced since the advent of the pandemic,” Davis said.

“In addition, as we look to conclude the construction of our Seascape Townhouse development [a partnership with the National Housing Trust and the Ministry of Housing, Urban Renewal, Environment and Climate Change] located at the entrance to the community, our support to the Harbour View Primary School allows us to improve a key infrastructure for the existing and new residents of the community at large,” she noted.

WIHCON also donated first-aid and sanitisation supplies to the school.