WIHCON Way: Go Beyond Living at The Bermonde


There’re so many reasons to love The Bermonde:


• 2 Bedroom, 2.5 Bathrooms
• Open-Floor Plan
• 24-hour security
• Clubhouse and Multi-Purpose Courts
• “Green” Technology
• Solar Water Heater
• It’s convenient location – adjacent to the Civic and Shopping Centre


Security is everyone’s concern; that’s why you should invest in a house that provides you with peace of mind. A house becomes a home when you can rest assured that there is someone dedicated to protecting your family and belongings. 24-hour security is a priority for many, and we’ve listened! You no longer have to be afraid to come home late at night or be surprised by unwanted guests, because our guards are always on the watch.


Socialise in style in the community clubhouse and get fit at home with multi-purpose courts. Modern living should not only focus on just having a house but give you an experience that promotes the lifestyle you always dreamed of having, one that concentrates on the overall experience of homeownership.

WIHCON has committed to building communities that are not only focused on being safe but providing environmentally friendly solutions that not only benefit the Earth but your pocket as well. The 500W PV battery backup system charges using energy from the sun with the help of solar panels to provide you with energy in case of a power cut. It has enough power to keep your appliances going for a few hours until your electricity service gets restored.


Solar panels keep your energy costs down, and you can expand on your solar panelling to create a “grid-free” home – no more high electricity bills!

A stone’s throw away, see more at the Civic centre, go grocery shopping, pay bills and enjoy the other services offered conveniently located near your home. You might want to walk, saving transportation costs and promoting a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t get much better than that.

First-rate amenities, modern designs and finishes, all in our beloved country Jamaica. Raise a family. Work To Live Not Live to Work and Go Eco-Conscious. Go with The Bermonde.