@Home: 4 Tips To Remodel Your Home


Does your house need a little sprucing up? Are you thinking about remodelling your home? Here are some key things to consider!

Plan, Plan Plan!


Like any major project, planning and organisation are essential for the overall success of your home renovation. Paying attention to details and room plans are necessary to ensure that no stones are left unturned and no unpleasant surprises come up along the way.



Deciding on a feasible budget and then sticking with it is vital. Don’t allow yourself to splurge, because before you know it, that “Just one more thing” can become an extra expense that can take you over the budget. Try as best as you can to stick to a reasonable budget that works with your approved room plans. When creating your budget, it’s also essential to do some research about potential costs for specific accessories and additions, such as appliances, fixtures and labour.

Small Rooms don’t have to look small

You can turn your small space into a comfortable and open room with some simple hacks.

• Using light colours on your wall and floor can make your room look larger and more open.


• You can place furniture away from the walls to make the room appear more spacious.


• Hanging shelves closer to the ceiling draws the eyes upward making your space appear taller.


• Painting long vertical stripes on the walls give the impression of a higher ceiling while long horizontal lines make the room seem wider.


• Allow for natural light to enter the room through windows, doors or features. Consider avoiding harsh overhead lights since they tend to pool the light into one space and decrease the depth in the room.

Lighting affects your paint colour


Many times when we choose a paint colour for a room, the paint on the walls may look different from the paint sample you decided in the store. This change is caused by a concept called metamerism. Be mindful of the lighting you’re using in that room and how it will either work with or against the paint colour you choose. A tip to counter the effect of metamerism is to select your lighting first so that you do not have any surprises when you paint your rooms.


These are a few of our top renovation tips. Tell us, what other tips have you found helps when you’re remodelling your home?