@Home: Five Other Uses For Plastic Bags


Despite a ban on the use of single-use plastic bags locally, there are still some plastic bags that we must take home with us from shopping, like our bread bags, the produce bags in the markets and bulk packaging bags that hold multiple items together. 

But what can you do with these extra bags? Don’t toss them just yet use them again first. For #PlasticFreeJuly we’re sharing five alternate uses for plastic bags. See them below: 


1. Line small bins 

You can use these smaller bags to line small bins or trash cans you may have in your bathroom or bedroom. They are great since they fit just right. 


2. Keep in your car for emergency clean  up 

Stash a few of these small bags in your glove compartment so that you can grab for them when you have to do quick clean-ups in your car. If you don’t have a mini bin in your vehicle, these bags can work to hold receipts, snack wrappers or any other small items you may need to toss. 


3. Quick clean up in the kitchen 

We all can agree that when we cook large or complex meals, we often have lots of wrappers, peels, and other trash across the counter. Use one of these bags as a countertop collection bin for all your scraps. 


4. To store documents 

If you don’t want to buy expensive plastic folders to store documents like passports, birth certificates or other documents, you can use these plastic bags to keep these safe, away from dust and dry in the event of a flood.

5. For dog walks 

No one likes the pet owner who lets their dog mess anywhere without cleaning up after them. Don’t be that pet owner. When you take Fido for walks, carry a bag with you to pick up after him. Trust us; the neighbours will appreciate your courtesy. 


Do you have other uses for your plastic bags? Share them with us!