@Home: Tips For Having A Perfect Picnic!


July is Picnic Month, but every day of the year gives you the chance to enjoy good food and even better company. Whether it’s a pre-packed lunch or a friendly meet up, here are our top pick picnic tips: (Try saying that five times fast.)

Keep Your Food Cool With Your Drinks. 


No, you aren’t having ‘shackleberry fin’ sandwiches, but with this cool hack, you can have your cake and eat it too! Freeze fruit juice in ice cube trays and place the cubes in clean airtight containers. Use the containers as ice packs around your other foods in the lunch bag. Then once the juice melts, you can pour it into cups, atop soda water to make a sparkling fruity refreshing drink.

Avoid soggy bread in your sandwich. 


Mushy bread can be unpleasant and can ruin a good sandwich. If you hate soggy bread try using a crusty bread like a baguette or a roll. Also, consider toasting sliced bread to help keep moisture out. When making a sandwich spread the condiments in the middle of the sandwich between slices of meat or cheese.


Make sure that juicy toppings are placed in the centre of the sandwich and that all ingredients, like lettuce, are dry so that your bread doesn’t get wet. Another hack to stop your sandwich from being soggy is to pack soft or mushier fillings such as tuna, or chicken separately, and then make your sandwich right before you eat it.

No more brown fruit slices. Keep them fresh! 


Apple slices tend to turn brown as they get oxidised from air exposure. To stop apple slices from turning brown, soak them in ginger ale, Sprite or brush them with lime juice. They might taste slightly sour with lime juice or sweeter with Sprite, but ginger ale won’t affect the taste significantly. This easy process helps to slow down oxidation, keeping your slices fresher longer!

No one likes soggy vegetables or soggy salads. 


Here’s a great alternative to make sure your veggies stay crunchy and fresh! Firstly, avoid using soggy vegetables like tomatoes, or leafy greens that wilt easily for your outdoor picnic. Instead, enjoy some chunky veggies like carrot sticks, cucumbers, or bell peppers. Also, consider using these types of vegetables in your salads. But if you do choose to use soggy or leafy vegetables, be sure to drain them well before packing them and keep them cool.


Keep sauces separate!


Pack any dipping sauces, dressings or condiments like ketchup and mustard separately to prevent food from getting soggy.


Tired of trying to get everyone to fit comfortably on one blanket? Try this hack! 


Although spreading out a blanket is a picnic staple, asking each guest to bring a cushion and/or towel in their tote bag can allow for more seating.


So, there you have it! Quick tips for your next family picnic. What else do you do to prepare for outings like these?