@Home: How To Choose The Right Pet For You


Pet owners all over the world can attest to not being very sure what type of pet best suited their lifestyle, but when they found their ideal pet they get hooked for life. So, how can you determine the best pet for you? Get a pet you can C.A.R.E. One you can take good CARE of, you can AFFORD, you RESPECT and you can ENTERTAIN.


Caring for a pet takes a lot of time, energy, effort and money, so let’s see a few of the things you’ll need to care for your pet, depending on the type of animal. 


• Feeding – Food is essential for any animal, and if you don’t provide it for them, they’ll more than likely find it for themselves, whether in your cupboard, your pot on the stove or non-food items around the house. Plus, if they are not fed or hydrated, like any other animal, they will not survive.

• Doctor visits – Pets, like us, need to be checked for health and wellness. Quick and consistent visits to the vet are necessary for pets to maintain a clean bill of health.

• Grooming and sanitation – Pets need to be kept clean and tidy, as well as where they sleep or play.


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Make sure you get a pet that you can afford. 


The cost of caring for a pet varies from pet to pet, but no domesticated pet will be free of cost. Food, bowls, cages, beds, houses, doctor’s visits, medication, toys, accessories and the list goes on, will all require a little investing. The average cost for premium, commercial dry dog food, for example, is upwards of $1500 and a doctor’s visit can cost up to $2500 for a check-up – but dogs are the more expensive of traditional domestic animals. If you cannot afford to keep a healthy feeding routine for your pet or afford to keep it groomed or cared for, then you probably aren’t ready for a pet.

Choosing a pet that you respect is key to selecting the right pet for you. 


Never buy a pet on impulse, because you might get a pet you don’t like, just like how we need love, attention and admiration so too our pets. So getting a pet you won’t neglect, or abuse is very important. Just because a kitten is adorable and his high-pitched meow makes you say ‘aaawww’ every time, doesn’t mean he won’t grow up and chew on your shoes, and scratch up the couch, and trek mud in the house. You have to be ready for those situations and the responsibility of respectfully caring for and training the newest member of your family.

The one thing many pet owners fail to do is to entertain their pets. 


From the smallest to the greatest of pets need entertainment, whether with toys, play areas, cool accessories, and of course your tender love and care. Cats, dogs, hamsters, birds and the list goes on; all like having toys or “home” accessories to play with, chew on, ring, scratch, rub on or peck at to keep amused. 


You also have to play a vital role in entertaining your pet, so that they can remain active and healthy. Spending 15 minutes to play fetch with Rex, or five minutes to rub Ginger’s tummy until she is ‘purrfectly’ content, or taking Polly out of her cage for a few minutes so she can spread her wings can do them well. However, of course, for fish, rabbits, hamsters and others, entertainment will be different.

But the bottom line is, whatever pet you choose, it should match your lifestyle, your ‘pet wanting’ needs, your pocket, your schedule and your patience level. So if you can C.A.R.E. for the pet you have been eyeing, then, by all means, get him or her, and be the best pet owner you can be!