@Home: It’s Barbecue Season! Tips To Have A Safer Summer BBQ!


Barbecues are a great way to bring friends and family together. They bring great fun with great food and even greater memories. However, house fires and cooking fires are devastating and can cause damage to your property, while also putting your guests in danger. But a safe barbecue is possible. Here are some precautionary measures to help protect you from any hazardous situation.

Keep your grill approximately 10 feet away from your house.


The farther the fire, the better. Ensure that your grill is away from all buildings and structures, like awnings, eaves or trees, and is not located underneath any wooden beams or ornaments like hanging baskets. Charcoal and gas grills both allow for the possibility of “fire flare-ups”, so if a flare-up does happen, your things will be safe.

Keep your grill clean!



Fat or grease build up on a grill can easily become fuel for a fire. If a minor flare-up does occur, keep a spray bottle of water by the grill, as this can help to calm the flame quickly without ruining your food. (Salt is also an excellent household ‘fire extinguisher’). But, just to be safe, always have a fire extinguisher nearby and ensure that you know how to use it if you need to.

Check for gas leaks.


Here’s a cool way to check for a gas leak from your grill. Create a solution of dish-washing liquid and water then rub this solution on the hoses and connections of your grill. Turn on your gas with the grill lid open, if you see large bubbles forming this is an indication that your hose may have holes or a connection is not tightly secured.


NEVER turn on the grill with the lid closed.


This causes a build up of gas underneath the lid of the grill. When you attempt to light the grill, it may result in a large fire flare-up or even an explosion.

Never leave your grill unattended.


Disasters can happen in a matter of seconds and fires can be unpredictable. Ensure that your grill is properly supervised while it is in use and ensure that you never put too many things on your grill at once. If too many fatty or greasy foods are on your grill, the drippings may result in a large flare up, so always manage your meats.


Are you having a barbecue, cook-out, summer potluck or a ‘run boat’ session at your home? Then be sure to keep it safe… have fun!