Make It Home: Live Small, Save Big! How A Smaller Home Can Save You Money.


Here you are, ready to buy your first home. But does size matter? Should you risk all your money and all your resources to buy a large house that will take years to furnish and millions of dollars to upkeep and customise? Maybe a smaller, more intimate home is better for you. Here are a few reasons to buy a smaller home:

1. You Will Save Money!


Who doesn’t want to save money? A smaller home means less mortgage, a shorter loan payment time-span, fewer taxes, cheaper insurance policies, and of course less utility usage! A smaller house is much easier to finance, especially for first-time home buyers. Smaller homes also have a larger retail market, since more people can afford to buy your house when you are ready to sell. You will reduce the cost of utilities when you live in a smaller house since there are fewer lights to turn on and fewer pipes running every day.

2. Easier To Clean


With fewer square-inches in your home, logically you would have less surface area to clean. A smaller home makes cleaning time a breeze and reduces the amount of work that is put into keeping larger homes spick and span. The time it would take to clean a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home would be way less than how long it would take to clean a five-bedroom house that has two living rooms and a formal dining room. Oh, let’s not forget the hassle of lugging around a vacuum cleaner from one end of the house to the other. Also, with a smaller space, you will be deterred from buying more furniture – more surfaces to clean. If you are moving to a smaller home, it even forces you to de-clutter and get rid of unnecessary and unwanted items. So, a simpler house helps you to live a more simple life. 

3. Encourages Family Bonding and Cosiness


Many people think the best way to make their families happy is to buy a large house that gives everyone their own space, but in many cases, too many rooms can lead to divisions. A smaller home forces family members to share spaces, like the living room, dining room and sometimes bathrooms, which promotes unity and cooperation in a family. Your little residents will be cosier and more intimate, and with less house to clean and maintain, you will have more time to chill with your family. Just imagine, less house but more memories. 

4. Easier To Customise and Decorate


We all want to make our house our home by adding our own little touches and unique style choices, but the more space we have, the more things we have to buy and the more money we’ll have to spend to get the home we want. If you forgo customisation, you run the risk of living in a cold and mundane house, not the warm home that less square-footage can afford you. With fewer walls to paint and fewer floors to tile, then the idea of doing renovations is not as daunting. You can make your house the home of your dreams in no time if you have less space to furnish and more time to make DIY items for your humble abode.

Big houses are cool, but smaller homes are warm and cosy. Move into a smaller house today, and we guarantee you’ll reap the benefits!