Style & Decor: Maintenance That Adds Value to Your Home


You’ve done it! You’ve bought a house, and now you are the proud owner of a home. But how can you maintain the value of that house you worked so hard to buy? Here are a few tips:

Roof Maintenance and Repair


Replacing the roof on your home can be a huge expense, so maintaining it is so important. Issues like leaks and water damage can lead to other problems, such as flooding. To properly maintain the roof, be sure to check often for damaged zinc, loose shingles and clogged gutters that may lead to pooling water and eventual damage. You can always hire a reliable roofing company to get up there and inspect it for you, especially before and after heavy rains or winds, storms or hurricanes.

Attic Inspection


If you have an attic, then check for signs of water leakage, termites or rodents. Rats that nest in your attic or anywhere in your home can chew electrical wiring, which can lead to fires.

Termite Protection


Termites are perhaps the worst enemies in your home. Waiting until the termites have done their damage is never a good idea, so take steps to prevent an infestation. Make life more comfortable – and save time and money down the road – by working with a pest professional to have your home treated for termites before there are any visible signs of termites in your home or property. 

Fresh Paint, Fresh Look


Something as simple as painting the interior and exterior of your house can really hike up the value of your property. A coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh, well-maintained look without breaking the bank. Climate, weather and whether you have children or pets will dictate how often you will have to repaint your home, but every five years or so should do the trick. Also, if you paint the ceiling you can quickly brighten up any, making it more stylish and attractive.


When painting the exterior of your home make sure to consider whether the primer also needs to be repainted. If your house is not concrete, be sure to keep exterior siding and trim well painted and clean.

Plumbing Assessment and Replacement


To reduce the likelihood of plumbing issues be sure to check faucets, toilets, showers and pipes for leaks. Even high-end appliances and high-quality plumbing work can cause leaks and even floods after years of use. Have a plumber look over your home’s plumbing to detect any issues that need correcting and if you need to, replace rubber hoses on appliances with flexible, stainless steel hoses to help prevent leaks. In your kitchen, check for leaks under and around the sink, while in bathrooms, check for plumbing leaks and replace toilets, sinks or tubs that have been damaged or corroded.

Update, Not Upgrade


Fixtures, appliances, furniture and cabinetry will need updating every few years depending on its longevity.


However, not every new purchase needs to be an upgrade. When you replace older items, don’t feel obligated to purchase the most expensive model each and every time. Still, whenever possible, try to choose energy efficient appliances that will reduce your energy bills each month and will be attractive to potential future buyers if you choose to sell the home furnished.

Exterior Care and Kerb Appeal


Let’s be honest, whether we invite them in or not, the first things about our home people see are the front door, walkway, and yard – so let’s make that first impression a good one. Spend some time creating an attractive entrance to the home that won’t take a lot of time to maintain. Consider a gravelled area that looks tidy without needing extensive gardening skills to keep it looking great. Keep the lawn healthy and trees and shrubs trimmed. Also, asphalt and concrete driveways should be repaired if there are any cracks or damage.


We know you’re on cloud nine now that you bought that new “Welcome Home” mat, but bear in mind that just like going to the dentist, paying taxes or going to get a booster shot, maintaining the look and upkeep of your home is necessary even if it isn’t always fun.



So, yeah you did it, and it was worth it! Now keep the worth up too.

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