Make It Home: Making Homeownership a Reality


Every year people make goals to achieve a new milestone whether it is to organise their finances or to buy a new home. A new year is a great time to begin a guided thought process on your finances and how you can work towards the goal alone or with your spouse or family members.


If working towards a new home is your goal, here are some steps you can take to ensure that your dream becomes a reality. 

Financial Assessment 


• Create a budget. Evaluate your income and expenses so you can be able to determine where your shortfalls are. Consider all aspects of your finances.

• If you’re buying a home with a family member or spouse, have a frank conversation about how payments would work between both of you and how you will share household expenses. 

• Consider other debts you owe and cut back on areas that where you may be overspending.  

• Consult a financial advisor if necessary on how you can leverage your current income so you will be able to afford a home when you’re ready.

Choose Your Home


Explore market offerings for price ranges of homes available from housing developers and sellers, like WIHCON, for example, or you may check your local classifieds for private listings. Choosing your next address is a major decision. Be sure to factor in distance from work, children’s schools, proximity to conveniences such as gas stations and food stores, which will make your life easier. Your home is an oasis from the everyday rigours of life and is meant to give you peace of mind. So, choose carefully.

Make a Game Plan 


They say, “Nothing good comes easy.”


At WIHCON we want to help you reach your goals of home ownership. We work as a team to assist you with all facets of the mortgage process, including pre-qualification and documentation. Our sales team is reliable, responsive and highly experienced and will ensure that your home buying process goes smoothly. 


We want to see you succeed and have the home of your dreams at any price point, it’s why we’ve been in business for over 50 years!

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