@Home: Refresh Your Bedroom In Under An Hour!


Life comes at you fast, and so sometimes we simply don’t have the time to do a full overhaul of our space, but we want to feel better about our home. We spend a majority of time in our bedrooms (Hopefully you’re getting your eight hours of sleep), so we came up with a list of ways to freshen up your bedroom in no time. Here are some tips to help you spruce up your bedroom:

1. Put your clothes away!


Place clean laundry in drawers or your closet instead of folded in a corner somewhere, you’ll immediately notice a shift in the room. The key to making a place look neat is to ensure everything has its place and is tucked away carefully.


Check out how you can organise your clothes using the KondoMari Method if you’re willing to dedicate more than an hour. It’s a methodology that promotes a full overhaul of your clutter, encouraging you to keep items that evoke joy and also shows you how to organise and fold everything from underwear to jeans and shirts! It’s beneficial to explore what works best for you and your family, but we promise you’ll feel better just putting the clothes away.

2. The Basics


Clean your floors, dust furniture and windows, replace or launder drapes or curtains (but you already knew that). Doing this starts to pull everything together. It only takes a few minutes to do all of that! Remember we’re freshening up!


Take a few minutes to clean the forgotten spots in your bedroom: sweep under the bed and dressers, clean behind the bed and clean decorative pieces. Also, when you dust and do other small tasks regularly, then big cleanings don’t seem so strenuous. Plus, dusting reduces allergens, and makes your room a dust-free space great for sleeping!

3. Make Your Bed!


Making your bed can make a difference, your bed is the most significant part of your bedroom. As a central focal point, it is essential to pay close attention to your linens. Some even say that making your bed can change your life, we challenge you to try it! Give your pillows a fluff and change your bed sheets!

4. Blooming Room Anyone?


Flowers can really change the mood of a space in an instant! A single flower from a garden in a vase can uplift your spirit, and add colour to an otherwise drab space. You can buy a vase or make it a fun DIY project from materials you already have at home. It’s a quick way to incorporate nature in your freshen up routine. 

5. Add a Scent 


Lighting a scented candle can improve your mood significantly. Choose scents like lavender for restfulness or peppermint for stimulation.

Give your rest area a spa-like feel by picking up a diffuser. Diffusers heat essential oils and are more potent than scented candles; a great investment that will help you to unwind every day if you wish!


6. Rotate Your Mattress! 


To make your mattress last longer, you should flip and rotate it several times a year. If you haven’t done this in a while, do it today! Trust us; you’ll instantly notice the difference when you lay down.