#Jamaica: Six Things To Know About Red Hills


Let’s face it, living on a hill overlooking Jamaica sounds like a dream we all want to be a part of. Well, here are a few things to note about Red Hills:



1. Red Hills is said to have been named after its appearance, since its famous red dirt made the hill look red from the flat. That is the type of character many other communities do not have.

2. The air is so refreshing. Some residents say the pleasant smell of nature and fresh air in the mornings is like living on the countryside, but still being in the city. And as the cool breeze kisses your skin the tropics never felt so good.

3. Red Hills prides itself as having some of the best views in Kingston and St. Andrew. Look Out Point can be found there, and the breathtaking views of Kingston Harbour to Harbour View and of Portmore to Port Royal and from Downtown to Spanish Town will leave you in awe. At nights the kaleidoscope of lights is just stunning.

4. These Hills are also close to the jerk hip strip in Jamaica, the Red Hills Jerk Centre on Red Hills Road and for a more informal dining experience, you can just pull off and buy jerk chicken or pork from the trail of cooks selling from jerk pans along the road. Just imagine succulent chicken and diligently smoked pork right at the foot of your hill!

5. The Red Hills Fissure is also found in these luxurious hills. It is a paleontological centre exposed by road construction in 1988. It showcases the fossils of many creatures, even some indigenous to Jamaica and some now extinct. Imagine living among so much history!


6. As the communities in Red Hills continue to develop, people continue to appreciate its closeness to PriceSmart, Manor Park and Constant Spring Road, which all have great options for shopping or eating out.


Is there anything else about Red Hills that you admire? Tell us!