@Home: Spice Up Your Home – Valentine’s Day Decor Tips.


Every year couples come together to celebrate the quintessential day of love and romance – Valentine’s Day! Since Cupid’s favourite day falls on a Thursday this year, spending the evening at home with your beloved may just be a convenient option. Let us help you get your home romance-ready with these decor tips:

In the living room: “Roses are red.”

Your living room is probably the first place you’ll see your special someone on the 14th, so add some passion and pleasure to that room by putting vases of roses on the coffee table, or by the entrance of the house. Seeing a few red roses as you get home is sure to get your heart pumping. But if you’re craving food first, we have tips for that too.

In the dining room: “Set the mood.”

What’s a celebration without food? Get your table ready for the evening’s meal with decorative place settings, like luxurious mats, fine plates, crystal glasses and fancy cutlery. You can even put a vase of roses as the centrepiece too. (Want some quick and easy recipes to try together at home for Valentine’s Day? Just keep reading! We have a surprise for you at the end.)


But, nothing says the perfect pair, like drinks with a meal.

In the kitchen: “The spirit of love.”

Did someone say wine o’clock? Yup! A little crisp red, dry white or sweet rosé can quickly set the mood for you and bae. So, why not get an elegant wine rack to store your Pinot Grigio, Moscato or Chardonnay. Plus, for all the Anniversaries and random at-home date nights to come, your wines and spirits will be easily accessible. Now that you’re full, you’re probably ready for bed, but don’t forget to freshen up first.

In the bathroom: “Burning Love.”

Lighting scented candles and incense in your bathroom is sure to transform it into a romantic haven in no time. With a soothing bubble bath, low lights, and the flickering candles to keep you warm, its the charming touch that will make any evening dreamy. Speaking of dreams, let’s not forget the bedroom.

In the bedroom: “All wrapped up.”

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If your plans are just to stay in bed, watching cheesy romantic flicks, then get comfy with some soft throw blankets. A plush red one would be great for Valentine’s Day. This simple decor piece adds pizzaz to your master suite while keeping you warm and cosy, perfect for cuddling up with your favourite person.


Whatever your plans are, make your home a part of it. And for some added spice, here’s a bonus! Cook Up Love In The Kitchen with your FREE Valentine’s Day recipe book! Tantalise and tempt their taste buds with these quick and easy recipes!