WIHCON Way: The Luxury You Deserve...Forest Ridge!


It’s tough to be attuned with nature every day when the city life limits the interactions we get to enjoy. Convenience marries Mother Nature at Forest Ridge in St. Andrew.


Forest Ridge has a combination of units that will excite every customer.

Our studios, apartments and condominiums are crafted with luxury in mind, with open floor plans, fabulous fixtures and lighting and elements that scream modernity. 

The studios are perfect for singles looking for a place to start out and who want the convenience of living in St. Andrew, close to shopping and the urban lifestyle. Studios are between 625 and 800 square feet and are perfect for minimalist lifestyles.

Ideal for: Minimalists, Singles, Urban-lifestyle lovers, Returning Residents, Investors.

Need a little bit more square footage? You ought to consider an apartment. Our two bedroom blend features two bathrooms and comes in at a whopping 940 sq ft.

Ideal for: Couples, Persons who love to Entertain, Investors, Returning Residents to Jamaica

Condominiums have two options:


• Two Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms (1012 Square Feet)
• Three Bedrooms, Three Bathrooms (1675 Square Feet)


Even MORE space. Condos are perfect for family living, with an area to entertain, sweeping floors and high ceilings to complement the characteristics of the surroundings.


Ideal for: Families, Space-Lovers, Investors, Returning Residents.

Forest Ridge Amenities Include:


• 24 hour Security
Clubhouse with Infinity Pool
• Open Gazebos
• Standby Generators
• Water Storage System
• Rainwater Harvesting System
and Stellar Views.


It all begins here! With its great location and the development’s amenities, these units have a tremendous amount of investment potential, perfect for Air BnB and rental income. It’s also a great place to stay for relatives who live abroad and want a cosy place to stay.