@Home: 3 Reasons De-cluttering Your Home Can Increase Your Happiness


Ever heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in one day”? Well, the same is true for de-cluttering your space. WIHCON recommends you schedule a few minutes each day to tackle cleaning and organising your home.


Check out the top three reasons we think de-cluttering your space isn’t such a bad idea!

It Creates Discipline 


Have you ever been consistent at working on something, let’s say a project at work, and after you’ve completed it, you feel a rush of excitement and thrill? Well, the same thing goes for other areas of your life including de-cluttering your space. Check out our pro-tip on how you can beat procrastination and start de-cluttering your space today! 


PRO TIP: Develop a routine – 15 minutes a day is all it takes! 


Fifteen to 30 minutes spent each day organising and cleaning your space is just as effective as waving your magic wand. Many experts argue that a clean, organised space helps us to be happier. An upside to this means it might be easier for others to live with you because you’ll always be in a good mood. 👀 *whistles*.


It Relieves Stress and burns calories 



Life would be much easier if you could just wave a magic wand, and voila, your house is thoroughly organised and clean. We know that not everyone enjoys the chore of cleaning up at home, that’s why we’re sharing our view on how to make the process more comfortable – and even more fun! Additionally, cleaning your house regularly is the number of calories you burn in the process. Let’s face it; not everyone enjoys a structured exercise programme – even though it’s a good idea to have one.


Have a designated area to keep dirty laundry as this will discourage everyone in your house from placing dirty clothes on the floor or leaving them in bed. The last thing you’d want to come home to after a long day of work is a messy room.


It Brings You Closer To Others  


Do you live with a spouse, children or your parents? Well, it can undoubtedly strengthen your relationship with those loved ones if you de-clutter together. 


PRO TIP: Get your children, spouse or housemate on board!  


Together each achieves more. Teamwork makes household chores more manageable. If you live with your spouse or children, encourage them to pick up after themselves (this also includes washing the dishes as they use them).



For some people, the very first thing they attack as they wake up is house-cleaning and other chores. But, if you are not a morning person, try switching things up a bit by setting aside time in the late evening or night to get things cleaned up.   


Get a goal. If your goal is to completely clean and organise at least two rooms per week (key word being completely here 😉) then make your schedule and stick to it. 

Celebrate! You might be thinking that this is too much work – and it probably is, but hey, with hard work comes rewards. Treat yourself to a movie date, a trip to your favourite ice-cream shop, or whatever else you like. The key here is to acknowledge the fact that you’ve been consistent in organising and cleaning your space. Go ahead! You deserve it!


Do you think de-cluttering your space can increase your happiness? Tell us how.