Style & Decor: Maximise Your Space With These Space Saving Furniture!


Space is a big issue for many people. They barely have space to even move around in their homes.


But, limited space doesn’t mean your home is too small, perhaps you just have too many over-sized furniture. Or maybe just too many. But if you want to maximise your space, check out a few of these space-saving furniture: 

Under-stairs storage


This unit is great for storing shoes, towels, games, books or even the overflow of clothes from your bedroom closet. You can use it to keep your home tidy and organised too. Check out this one below:  

Hollow chair


This is a multi-purpose piece serves as seating as well as storage. One of these chairs can hold multiple items like books, magazines, toys and the like on the inside and beneath the cushion. What’s great is that, even when your stuff are on the inside, the chair is still comfy and cosy! You won’t even notice that it’s storing all those things.


Folding table 


Eliminate the large office desk or homework table by installing a sleek folding table. Whether you choose to fold it up onto the wall or you want to put it inside a closet for extra shelving, it’s convenient for any space.  

Sofa fold-out

This is a multi-purpose sofa with a built-in mattress that gives you an extra sleeping space in your home. All you have to do it fold out the couch, and it converts into a daybed, then throw on a sheet set and some pillows, and you’ll have an excellent spot for sleepovers or impromptu movie nights.

Do you know any other space-saving furniture?

Tell us about them!