Style & Decor: Choosing A Paint Colour For Your Kitchen


Every room in your home has a different flair, vibe, or ambience and choosing the right paint can be an excellent base to furnish your decor ambitions.

Let’s be honest; households thrive much better when there is a well thought out kitchen area, which is the hub of your home. In colour psychology, experts say that colours can directly influence your mood and can be provoking, calming or even evoke joy. However, when decorating your kitchen, you deserve an eating sanctuary that reflects your style and taste – whether on or off the walls.

Below are our colour choices and their complementary colours. Check them out:



Loud! Bold! Fiery! Your kitchen is a great place to try out the colour red. Red stimulates appetite and is a great colour to use as an accent. However, too much red can make your kitchen look dark and dingy, so use it sparingly. Too much of a good thing? Well, you know the rest.


• Shades of Red to Explore: Crimson, Brick Red, Auburn, Carmine

• Colours To Pair with Red: White, Light Grey, Tan, Cream, Beige




Experts say that this colour stimulates appetite, so orange is perfect for showing off the bold personality you embody while getting your diners ready for an excellent meal every time. Orange in a kitchen is unique especially when accents such a fresh fruits and vegetables are on display. Take the risk and brighten up your space!  


• Shades of Orange to Explore: Sunrise, Blood Orange, Sandstone and Rust
• Colours to pair with orange: White, Yellow, Beige, Tan, Grey, Yellow 



It sure helps to make people hungry! Yellow makes a room more cheerful and brightens up any room. Just think how exciting it would be to wake up to a hot breakfast in a bright, sunshine-filled kitchen. Shades like marigold are great for making your kitchen inviting and cosy, while an electric lemon will give your kitchen a modern look and feel.


We suggest using yellow as an accent, either the cabinetry, seating or maybe even an accent wall. Yellow works best in areas where there’s lots of natural light, making the colour pop even more!


• Shades of Yellow to Explore: Marigold, Lemon, Mustard, Canary

• Colours To Pair with Yellow: White, Grey, Shades of Blue, Tan, Cream, Beige.




Green often reminds of nature, the source of all food and freshness, so depending on the shade you choose, you can create a warm, woodsy, fresh atmosphere in your kitchen. Green also works great with wood accents, like oak and cedar cabinets, island counter-tops or eat-in dining sets. You can consider this colour to give your kitchen a natural, organic vibe.


• Shades of Green to Explore: Mint Green, Apple Green or Hunter Green.

• Best Colours to Pair with Green: Blue, Yellow, White, Grey, Tan




Blue is an excellent colour for a kitchen, but if you’re going with that colour scheme, it’s best to use it as an accent colour because too much blue can quickly become overpowering, especially in a smaller kitchen. Lighter shades of blue can facilitate a crisp and clean look in your kitchen. Try painting your cabinets a lighter shade of blue, or even the ceiling to incorporate blues in unique places.  


• Shades of Blue to Explore: Navy, Turquoise, Electric Blue, Royal or Cobalt.

• Colours To Pair with Blue: Greys, White, other neutrals.



Grey has become a favourite shade for any room in a home, so why not the kitchen? The trick with incorporating grey in your kitchen is to pick colours that compliment the tones you choose. Plus, since grey is so neutral, it goes with almost anything, even itself. You can definitely experiment with different shades of grey even trying a grey striped pattern.  


• Shades of Grey to Explore: Ash, Heatherette, Pewter, Slate and Porpoise

• Colours to Pair with Grey: Anything!


Classic. Clean. Crisp. And now, modern.

White can be clinical, cold and to some – boring. But with the right appliances and accents, it is one of the most modern, versatile and clear-cut choices.


• Colours you can pair with White: ANYTHING!


Do you have any ideas for other colour combos in your kitchen?

Tell us below!