@Home: 7 Tips To Get Your Kitchen Organised


A kitchen is one of the most exciting places in your home. It’s where you make delicious meals, amazing memories and occasionally share a glass of wine or two with your special someone. It’s one of the most visited rooms in a home, but things can become a bit muddled at times if your kitchen isn’t organised.

Here are a few useful tips for transforming your kitchen in a snap:

1. Store kitchenware efficiently 


Group similar objects together, things like pots and pans, baking equipment, plastic containers and cutlery should go in separate storage areas as far as possible. When they are in their own spots, then they’re easier to locate. Also, this will make each category of items easier to find. Also, store according to frequency of use, putting those regularly used items to the front and on lower shelves, so they are easily accessible

2. Get something portable 


Invest in a kitchen cart that you can use to transport scrumptious meals from the kitchen to the dining table or use as an extra storage space for dishes, pots, small kitchen utensils, like ladles or spatulas, and other kitchen equipment. 

3. Hanging Over-the-top 


Make every inch of your kitchen count by installing overhead shelves. These are perfect for hanging over the stove, sink or by a window sill. With these shelving solutions, you can hang decorative kitchen appliances, Tupperware or utensils. Alternatively, you can use these shelves to store cookbooks, spices or fresh herb plants for easy reach when you’re cooking.  


4. Hang on hooks


Utensils such as measuring spoons and cups, serving spoons and other cooking implements may be hung on hooks behind the cupboard door to save space in drawers. This innovative way of storing your kitchen tools will have them at an easy-to-reach spot, which will help to keep your kitchen organised. You can even hang these hooks on walls, under cabinetry or from the ceiling to allow for even more decorative storage. Pots, pans, spoons and the like can be put away in no time with this option. 

5. Stack em’ Up


A great way to organise your pantry or cupboard and make more space for other items is to stack food items neatly. Here’s a tip: Use wire magazine organisers to stack cans of soups, veggies, meats and the like or simply stack like can items on top of each other. The higher the stack, the more space you’ll have in your cupboard for other food items or utensils.

6. Roll-Out Pantry


Ever thought about putting a hidden pantry beside your fridge? Yup! A roll-out pantry is an excellent solution to help organise your kitchen. You can put jars of spices, seasonings or any other tin foods in it for concealed keeping. These are especially awesome for small kitchens.

7. Label everything!


We know that no one wants to pour salt in their coffee mistaking it for sugar. Here’s a tip, put labels on everything you can in your kitchen. This simple hack can help to save time, money and effort in the kitchen when everything has its own place and place card.


How do you keep your kitchen organised? Share your tips with us!