@Home: Three Steps to Recycling!


As Jamaica moves to becoming more environmental friendly as nation, we are giving some tips for you to be more Eco-friendly in your own home.


If you start reducing, reusing and recycling now, you’ll be surprised how much you decrease your carbon footprint!

Recycling involves converting waste into new, usable materials, so it helps you cut domestic waste while providing a steady supply of used materials that can be transformed into new, practical objects. Recycling is also beneficial for the environment, being a simple and effective way to reduce waste and get the whole family involved.


Here are three simple steps to start reducing, reusing, and recycling today:




Find out what items in your home you can recycle, like aluminum/metal food cans, glass bottles and jars, cardboard boxes, paper, such as newspaper, old magazines, and hardcover books as well as plastic bottles or containers.




Set up an area at home to store the collected items. You can use bins or large plastic bags for each item. A good practice is also to label each bin/bag, so guests and children can know where to put which item.




Lastly, make contact with the local recycling centre, Jamaica Recycles. Located at 164 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11, they aim to live up to their motto: “Good for you, good for life, good for Jamaica”. They can provide storage receptacles for your home as well as schedule pick-ups of your bins. For more information, you can contact Jamaica Recycles at 1-876-758-8700.