Making It Home: Should I Buy A Townhouse? The 4 C’s Of Living In A Townhouse Community.


If you grew up watching the Cosby Show or 227 then you would’ve seen what townhouses in New York were back in the day. Today, the concept remains the same, even though the styles have changed. Townhouses are generally known for being multi-level homes attached by a communal wall to another residence or two.


In Jamaica, the townhouse community continues to climb as land space becomes more scarce in urban areas. But, there’s good news! Townhouses are still the second most appealing homes for purchase after free-standing, or single-family homes. What are the benefits of living in a townhouse development? Here are the 4 C’s you should consider.

1. Community


Living in a townhouse means you and your house will be quite close to your neighbours. However, this often fosters good community camaraderie and an unbreakable connection between homeowners and even renters. So, let’s say you have to travel for vacation, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your home as you’ll have neighbours you can trust to look out for you. If there’s suspicious activity at your home, know that Mrs Brown on your left, or the newly-weds on your right won’t hesitate to notify you or the authorities.


Let’s keep it real: We know that living in a townhouse can also feel like less privacy, but you do have the option of putting in soundproof windows or doors.

2. Cheaper

As building up on a small plot of land is often cheaper than building out on a larger piece of land, townhouses are often cheaper to construct…and so sell for less. Having the same amount of square footage in your home as a fully detached unit but for a lower cost is quite a deal. When you share a wall or two with your neighbour, it means that your unit costs less to build, since the infrastructure costs are shared.



Let’s keep it real: Since townhouses are cheaper to construct, some developers splurge on high-end finishes and fixtures like granite counter-tops, and fancy tile work, which may spike the price. But, we’re sure you don’t mind having a home with all the bells and whistles, right?

3. Care

When you buy a townhouse, you get way more house than yard for sure. But, with a larger yard comes larger care expenses and time spent maintaining that yard. That’s where your homeowner’s association (HOA) comes in. As a member of the community, you are entitled to the benefits outlined by your HOA including things like yard maintenance, exterior painting, re-roofing and other maintenance repairs. Understand that not all HOAs are made equal, so some communities may offer more or less than others. Be sure to find out what rules and benefits there are before buying your home. 


Let’s keep it real: You may love caring for your yard and exterior walls but in most townhouse communities, the HOA dictates what adjustments and additions you can do to your space. So, maybe choosing to paint your house purple and white for CHAMPS may not be the best idea, unless that’s one of the rules of the development. 



4. Convenience 

How does staying in your complex on a weekend but still having fun with your family sound? When you live in a townhouse community, you often have various amenities a few steps from your home. Now, when the children want to go play ball or swing, you won’t have to go far to enjoy quality time with them. Also, some complexes have clubhouses where you can host parties, BBQs or even movie nights with your friends or neighbours.


Let’s keep it real: Townhouse communities come with other amenities also like community storage and 24-hour security, but it’s not free. You’ll have to pay HOA fees monthly or annually to cover the cost of these amenities and any other maintenance benefits you gain as a homeowner. However, these fees are usually low and cheaper than having to pay monthly for an independent gardener, painter, or security guard, a gym membership, a party venue and the list goes on.


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