Job Vacancy : Customer Care Coordinator


Skills & Experience Required:

  • Ability to explain technical processes and articulate knowledge of the management of the finishing process to a wider audience
  • Ability to lead and steer management meetings to achieve actionable outcomes
  • B Sc. in Construction Management or equivalent
  • At least 5 years’ experience in the construction industry with both working knowledge and site experience
  • Demonstrate experience of working in high pressure environments with strong time management and prioritization skills
  • Ability to manage repeated standard issues along with an ability to find, own and resolve ad-hoc issues
  • Ability to adapt and learn from other extended team members and have the ability to establish strong relationships with cross functional teams
  • Ability to coordinate and manage multidisciplinary teams in a fast paced environment
  • Excellent self-starter – proactive and creative in identifying and clearing obstacles that may delay the defect resolution process
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills with ability to interact with various levels within the company
  • Good working knowledge and high comfort level of MS Office i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint


  • Manage all finishing issues within all development and post-construction environments
  • Identify and implement process & tools for improvements for prevention and/or to improve resolution times of finishing issues
  • Visually inspect all finishing work to determine if required specifications have been followed; take corrective action(s) when necessary
  • Be on location with the Sales Team when all units are being handed over to the respective purchasers (walk through process)
  • Ensure that all finishing issues are entered in the CRM system designed for same
  • Initiate and manage escalation process for any finishing issues exceeding SLAs
  • Maintain absolute integrity of the database for finishing issues and ensure all changes to said status are within the guidelines of the management process for same
  • Develop weekly status and trending reports for finishing issues
  • Assign appropriate priority, determining ownership of the finishing issue and routing of said issue to the appropriate resource.
  • Ensure the management program for finishing issues is operating efficiently and effectively and is being fully utilized in the identification, reporting and resolution of said issues
  • Directly supervise finishing work categorized as minor repairs
  • Speedy and clear communication with customers on actionable finishes issues that are under warranty and a reasonable timeline for resolution of those issues

        Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.