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@Home: Top Tips to Reduce Dust In Your Home

We’re sure you can relate to this feeling as if you’re constantly in a house dusting loop. In other words, as yuh dus ya suh, deh suh dus up bak. So, what can you do to reduce the amount of dust in your home? Here are our top tips from cleaning experts:

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Make It Home: 3 Things All Mortgagees Need to Know About Home Insurance.

For most mortgage lenders, if not all, your home must be insured for the duration of the loan. Therefore, as long as you have a loan with The National Housing Trust (NHT) or any other lender, you more than likely have a home insurance policy attached to your property. But you may wonder, why do I need insurance? How do I make a claim? And should I keep paying for it even after completing my loan payments?

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Make It Home: What’s A Home Warranty? What Does It Do?

When you buy a home from a reputable developer, in most cases you’ll receive a home warranty for a few months or up to a year after closing. At WIHCON, homes built and sold by us afford you a warranty of up to six months. Yet, you may ask what does having a home warranty mean for me and what does it cover? 

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